• Beaches

    Kingston .

    Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Hemisphere, Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay will not leave you disappointed. You can borrow snorkelling gear from the Aloha Reception

    (Image Courtesy of Norfolk Island Tourism)

  • Golf Course

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    Norfolk Island Golf Club is one of the only golf courses in the world located within a World Heritage Site. Positioned on the coastal, south-east side of the island, the golf club has some of the most spectacular views and a rich heritage to rival any golf course in the world. With a quick flight time of around two and half hours from Sydney or Brisbane in Australia, this stunning holiday destination is a great place to spend a long weekend, a week, or much, much longer.

  • Norfolk Island Lawn Bowls

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    Bowls are played all year round on Norfolk Island, with three major tournaments through out.

    Social bowls are available to all visitors. Check the weekly program on the Bowling Club's website to see what's available.

    Located pretty much next door to the greens, Aloha Apartments is very popular with those who come to attend the Tournaments.


    Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 3pm,
    Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 1pm.

  • Botanical Gardens

    Mission Rd, Burnt Pine 2899, Norfolk Island .

    Part of Norfolk Island National Park, these botanical gardens evoke a strong sense of place. Most plants in this 5.5-hectare plot are native to Norfolk Island, and many of them are endemic, meaning they grow here and only here.

    Take a stroll along the boardwalk trail, which slopes down a gully past cloud-scraping pines, giant tree ferns and subtropical rainforest. If you’re lucky, you might spot a green parrot flitting about; just look for its near-neon plumage and red crown. Found only on our island, these parrots were once on the brink of extinction. A dedicated conservation program has seen numbers increase though they’re still a rare and precious sight.

    During your visit, be sure to stop at the on-site Discovery Centre to complete your 360° experience of nature on Norfolk Island.

  • National Parks

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    Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook to discover dramatic seascapes and towering forests.

    A sanctuary for threatened species, Norfolk Island National Park is the ideal place to experience the island’s unique flora and fauna.

    Take in stunning clifftop views and bushwalk through pristine subtropical forests filled with birds found nowhere else on earth.


  • 100 Acres Reserve

    Rocky Point .

    Protecting an area of Norfolk Island’s coastal forest, Hundred Acres Reserve offers peaceful walks amid nature. As you trek in the sun-dappled shade of skyward-reaching pines and white oaks, you’ll quickly find serenity.

    In summer, bird encounters are a dime a dozen in the reserve. You might spy a white tern delivering small fish back to her adorably fluffy chick or a crooning muttonbird emerging from a burrow.

    A walking track through Hundred Acres Reserve leads to Rocky Point. Home to an observation post during World War II, it’s now a favoured fishing spot among locals. From the cliffs, you’ll have front-row seats to the daredevil displays of seabirds as they sweep and soar against the backdrop of the wave-lashed coastline. In the distance, the rocky outline of Phillip Island is visible.