Norfolk is only a small island in a middle of the ocean but there are so many things to do while you are on holidays, it’s hard to decide where to start. You can partake in anything from the less strenuous activities such as bowls or golf or go do the more adventurous ones. Norfolk Island is perfect for anyone and everyone of any age. Norfolk is a boutique tourist destination so if you are a fan of casinos, poker machines, gambling and night clubs, this place is likely to disappoint you as all we have to offer is peace and security.

  • Walk. National parks make up one third of the Island, and reward mountain bike riders and bushwalkers with stunning views. The Norfolk Island Pine which is proudly displayed on Norfolk Island’s flag stands tall and majestic and is one of the reasons for Cook’s initial interest in the Island.
  • Swim. Enjoy the unique beaches of Norfolk Island – you will not find such beautiful beaches anywhere else in the world (ask our return customers). You can chose to do so many things in the summer and winter months such as, SwimmingSnorkelingDiving and Surfing all year around.
  • Fishing. This is another year around activity any fisherman will appreciate on Norfolk. Boat fishing is subject to weather but once you get there, fish is guaranteed. We have guests who come from all around Australia and New Zealand to do fishing only!.
  • Yoga. If you love doing the things you do at home or just want to try “what it’s like”, why not join in with the locals at your choice of three different yoga studios or book a private class taken by internationally renowned yoga teachers. Namaste
  • Golf Course. Norfolk Island has one of the best 9-18 hole golf course in the world trimmed by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, scenic Phillip Island, historical Kingston, and the magical Norfolk pines. It’s considered to be the oldest and the most beautiful 9-18 hole golf course in the Southern Hemisphere. Read what people say about it on TripAdvisor: “You play a round nestled between the sea, the cemetery and the convict ruins. Breathtaking on all sides.”
  • Action sports and activities. You can also enjoy a game of Tennis and Squash, Mountain bikingKayaking, Horse ridingLawn BowlsPistol shootingClay Target shooting with magical views of Anson Bay or even open field Archery. For the ones that like to be on their feet, why not try hiking in which you can choose to do that around Norfolk Island at your own leisure or take a boat tour and trek out to Phillip Island which is a once in a lifetime experience (similar to going to Mars!).

But if you only want some peace and quiet – just sit outside your apartment with a good book and a glass of wine or cup of tea as these can also be highly enjoyable all year round!